Facial Treatments

Whether you're looking to pamper yourself before an event or reduce acne related inflammation, our dermal therapists can customise a facial just for you. Our wide range of MediFacial treatments are backed by science and can be suited to all ages and skin types, including teens. Have an in depth consultation with our dermal therapist to learn all you need to know about your skin health.

Facial treatments we offer:

  • HydraFacial
  • Custom MediFacial
  • Lymphatic Facial
  • Teen Facials
  • Enzyme MediPeel
  • Purifying + Repair Facial
  • Even Skin Tone Facial
  • Male Facials
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Suffering from acne?

Our Synergie Purifying Peel and Repair Facial Treatment might be for you! This is ideal for anyone who is suffering from Grade 1 -3 acne and is experiencing the inflammation that coincides with it.

This facial is infused with essential vitamins your skin needs to reduce inflammation and begin repairing itself. These vitamins will then be vacuum sealed and pushed deeper into the skin with our Bio-Alginate Mask. 

Rejuvenating Lymphatic Facial

The Lymphatic Facial is a specially formulated tightening mask design to work with your circulatory system to create reverse osmosis. It works to feed our cells and tissues oxygenated and nutrient rich blood. This creates a healthy environment for our skin cells to flourish and in turn gives us healthy, glowing skin!

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Facial FAQs