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NuEra Skin Tightening + Fat Reduction

NuEra is the very latest in non-invasive skin tightening. It uses radiofrequency energy to heat and contract dermal collagen, in turn improving skin laxity on the face, neck and body. NuEra is a safer and often better way to tighten skin as compared to Ultherapy or HIFU because it is less likely to cause bruising, swelling, and pain. If you are considering non-invasive skin tightening, NuEra is an excellent option.

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Collagen Stimulation
  • Fat Reduction
  • Skin Tightening

A truly personalized body contouring experience starts with NuEra FocalRf technology. NuEra can treat the deepest level of fat on any region of the body, safe and effectively. 

For cellulite reduction, NuEra Tight applies multiple frequencies, two treatment modes and effective mechanical massage for connective tissue manipulation, to remodel cellulite and improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling

NuEra Tight automatically elevates and regulates the temperature in the skin tissue to the required degree stimulating collagen, improving signs of sagging skin and wrinkles. From larger areas of the body to a smaller facial area, FocalRF technology targets the energy penetration to the dermis layer, ensuring safe and effective treatments.

4 to 6 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Treatments will work in time with your body's natural immune system and function.

Yes! Because it's not a laser and emits heat known as radiofrequency, it is safe for all skin types. Darker skin types often react better to skin tightening devices because ethnic skin has more collagen producing cells that react faster to heat.

NuEra prices range from $500-$700 per treatment, depending on what you are treating. 

We offer 6 x Full Face Skin Tightening + Wrinkle Reduction treatments for $3200.00

Come in for a consult and our dermal therapist can customise a package and treatment plan to suit your needs.Book here.

The results are not permanent as it's not a way to halt the natural aging process. Results can be maintained with follow up sessions - usually 1-2 times per year. With these touch ups, NuEra results can last many years.

No. The temperature control technology ensures only a comfortable level of heat. 

Applying a numbing gel ensures that the treatments are easily endured. Following the laser treatment, you might encounter a brief sensation of mild burning, which typically subsides within a few minutes. Any redness is expected to diminish after a few hours.

Yes, butpico lasers are much better.We can tweak the settings on C & B to deliver good & safe results, however, thePicoway laser provides more efficient & safer treatmentfor darkerskintypes.  

You cannot have the NuEra treatment if:

- You have a pacemaker
- You have metal implants
- You have severe laxity (surgery is a better solution)

Yes! This is one of our favourite combinations. Heating the treated area with NuEra several weeks after PDO thread placement, can give amazing outcomes.