The Bride Guide: Q&A with Michaela Cook

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The Formulated was privileged to contribute to Michaela's bridal journey with a series of Clear + Brilliant and NuEra treatments. Her main target was a tighter jawline/under chin and to reduce pore size. Our dermal therapist Bec explained by using a specific laser and second device, we could target those concerns, as well as pigmentation and skin texture, which was an added bonus! ⁠

How long before your wedding did you start your bridal skin journey?

My first consultation and skin assessment was on the 14th of July 2023. Bec, my incredible dermal  therapist throughout my journey with The Formulated mapped a three-month treatment plan,  aiming for final results by my wedding date on the 29th of October 2023. 

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What did you want to achieve for your skin? 

Before my consultation, my main target was a tighter jawline/under chin and to reduce pore size.  Bec explained by using a specific laser and second device, we can target those concerns, as well  as pigmentation and skin texture, which I thought was an added bonus! 

What skin treatments did our dermal therapists suggest for pigmentation, skin texture, and  tightness? 

Bec recommended two stages of treatment to prep my wedding skin. We started with lasers to  target pigmentation and overall skin texture, and the latest in skin-tightening technology for my  under chin/jawline area. I completed a total of two Clear + Brilliant Laser treatments and a total  of four NuEra Skin Tight Radiofrequency treatments. These treatments were administered over  a course of eight weeks. Every two weeks, I would have the NuEra Skin Tight Radiofrequency device focusing under my chin, and on the first and fourth week of this treatment phase, I had the  Clear + Brilliant treatment. Our second phase focused on prepping the skin for a flawless  makeup application and included one treatment of Laser Genesis and one Murad Professionals Enzyme Peel. Bec had also planned a Hydrafacial, however, I was unable to make the  appointment and she did not recommend the treatment in the timeframe we had left before my  wedding date! 

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Did you get injectable treatments too? 

Although I have seen the amazing Maya before for dermal filler, I had no injectable treatments  during my wedding prep. 

What skin care did you add into your routine to give you that extra ‘glow’?

I can never recommend Synergie Skin skincare products high enough. I actually first found The Formulated a few years ago because they stocked (and used) Synergie Skin products in-clinic.  My skincare routine has been very Synergie Skin heavy since 2017 and during my treatment plan,  Bec recommended a few new Synergie products to compliment my skin changes. After the first  Clear + Brilliant Laser, I purchased the Synergie Skin Recover Balm, and after the second, I  purchased the Synergie Skin OcclSiderm, which definitely sped up the laser’s healing process. 

Would you have done anything differently? 

The only thing was wishing I had done this sooner and not waited for a ‘wedding day’ to treat  myself. Although it felt important to have amazing skin for the big day, throughout the process I  realised that I shouldn’t have waited for an excuse to justify being worthy of pampering myself. I  recognise skin treatments are a major luxury in themselves but simply existing and getting through  each day should be enough reason to take care of yourself in any way you can. 

Holy grail product on the wedding day? 

As I said, I’m a Synergie Skin fanatic and I learnt throughout this process that a great makeup  base is Synergie Skin ReClaim moisturiser, which I used before applying my foundation! I also  added a few drops of their LumiBalance to make sure my skin was glowing.

What is your advice for other brides to be? 

Be honest to your dermal therapist starting from what you wish to target treatment wise and also  with your budget. There will always be something the very experienced dermal therapists from The Formulated can do to help with your skin concerns. I’ve never once felt embarrassed or that  something couldn’t be done during treatments, and it's a true testament to the team’s professionalism and high standard of education.

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