Dermaceutic C25 Cream Serum 30ml

Dermaceutic C25 Cream Serum 30ml

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The Dermaceutic C25 Cream prevents the appearance of free radical damage and premature signs of skin ageing thanks to its powerful antioxidant formula. A synergy of vitamins C, A, B5 and E neutralises the effect of oxidative stress.

For dull and irregular complexion, fine lines and wrinkles. All skin types.


  • Skin is revitalised and protected from oxidative stress
  • Complexion appears radiant and harmonised
  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced


  • 25% Vitamin C complex - Potent antioxidant, obtained by vectorising L-Ascorbic acid using silanol technology, providing protection against the free radicals responsible for photoageing.
  • Vitamin A ester - The most stable and tolerated form of vitamin A. It improves the texture of the skin and helps combat the signs of ageing.
  • Vitamin B5 - Moisturising agent to provide an immediate soothing effect on irritated skin.
  • Vitamin E ester - Ester form of vitamin E renowned for its antioxidant properties that helps to combat the free radicals responsible for photoageing (damage caused by the sun).
  • Polyphenols - Found naturally in grapes, especially red grapes, polyphenols act as powerful antioxidant, preventing lipid peroxidation, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Apply to the Dermaceutic C25 Cream Serum to the face in the morning, followed by high sun protection.