iS Clinical Pure Care Collection- Post Procedure

iS Clinical Pure Care Collection- Post Procedure

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The Post-Procedure Home Regimen within the Pure Care Collection introduces advanced formulations crafted to nurture, revitalize, and strengthen compromised or sensitive skin.

Tailored for use after laser, abrasion, and chemical treatments, this straightforward at-home skincare routine purifies, moisturizes, and safeguards your skin, enhancing the healing journey.

Studies have indicated that skin tends to exhibit reduced visible irritation, peeling, and fewer adverse effects after undergoing aesthetic treatments.


x1 Cleansing Complex 60ml

x1 Sheald Recovery Balm 60g 

x1 Pro-heal Serum Advance+ 3.75ml

x1 Hydra-Cool Serum 3.75ml

x2 Eclipse SPF 50+ 10g